Club of Eurovision Fans – OGAE Macedonia

We are registered in the competent court in Macedonia as a society of citizens:
Klub na Evroviziski Fanovi – “OGAE Makedonija”


          It is simple – we all love the Eurovision Song Contest and OGAE is the only organization that unites all the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) lovers. We are not a group of old friends and neighbours who had found a way to get some fun and formed a club; in contrary we have became friends through ESC and in this club and OGAE in general we have found a way to articulate our ESC needs in a very concrete way. Currently we are 22 members and everyone of us is a true ESC fan as all of us have anxiously followed ESC since our early childhoods. The doors of our club are widely opened to all existing and future ESC fans in Macedonia.

          The first contact between us has been in the chat rooms on the Internet. Back then anyone of us could not believe there are other Macedonians so interested in ESC, and soon we understood there is a wide European network of ESC fan clubs. So, the need to form a club came spontaneously. That is why we have supported the initiative of Vladimir Pinzovski and Vase Trajkovski for establishing an ESC fan club. We, all together, named that club MEKO (basic translation from Macedonian language for: Macedonian Eurovision Fan club). But soon after establishing we were faced with many problems and the biggest one was the huge lack of democracy as many of the club’s official decisions were not respected, instead we got abusing of the position in the club, not respecting the club’s Statute (adopted on the establishing assembly) and acting based on own (selfish) persuasions, forced and unauthorized change of the Statute, illegally dismissing of the club bodies and forming new ones (loyal to the president), illegal expulsion of members (for ”not respecting the president” and so on), then financial malversations, bad representing of the club and the country on the ESC party in Munich 2002 etc. So, that club turned into everything but ESC fan club. This was not the way we have imagined our ESC needs would be fulfilled. So, we have contacted OGAE, explained everything and asked for a council. We got the answer that there was enough space for all the ESC fans in the OGAE family and have been encouraged to establish a new club. No matter we were the majority of MEKO, we decided to respect the council from OGAE and even more to act according to the high ethical values which we have always tried to obey and which were forgotten in the club running activities in MEKO. We simply did not wanted to destroy anyone’s life. That is why we found the council of OGAE as the best solution. So, we gathered on March 14th 2003 and established new club. We have built the club as a high democratic society in which all the members are equal and able to fulfil their ESC needs of different kinds. The numerous and various activities written bellow show how much we are devoted to ESC and how big is our desire to build ”the club of our dreams”.
     Some club activities:

   – Internet: creating the first ESC fan site in Macedonia as a Macedonian source for ESC informations. The site was open on 01 June 2003. The informations are often updated and there can be found info about the current news, Macedonian preformers on Eurosong, members of the club, various pictures etc. Our site is source for informations to the leading macedonian music portals on the web and to a great number of newspapers and magazines. We have cooperation with other music and ESC sites. For a number of years we’ve been participating in some unofficial Internet song contests. From the 6th June 2006 we have upgraded our Internet home with a new address at

   – TV appearances: Kanal5 TV talk show ”Triling” (10/06/2003), Kanal5 TV talk show ”Vrti suchi” (23/02/2004), Makspot TV music show ”Pepsi Time” (24/03/2004), constant TV apperiances before and after the National selection and the Eurovision Song Contes.

   – Radio: guests in Late night programme on Macedonian Radio – national broadcast radio station (24/05/2003), guests on Macedonian Radio in one of the New Year’s shows in 2004, exchange of informations with one of the most popular radio stations in Macedonia – Antenna 5 Radio.
   – Newspapers: reports for “Eurosong news”, interviews for the daily newspapers Vreme and Vest, weekly magazines Luna and Teen shema.
   – Guests of the club: Giannis Kostarellis (GRE), Rastko Colja (SCG), Robby Van Assche (BEL), Miroslav Luburic (SCG), Ivana Stosic (SCG), Noah Bajric (BIH), Tom Borg (MLT), Geert Van Gaever (BEL), Ekaterina Ivanova (AUS), Bepo Batinic (CRO), Matteo Aldrovandi (ITA), Aviad Berger (ISR).
   – OGAE Contests: Since the official recognition by OGAE International in 2004 we have entered in the three contests organized by the OGAE Network. So far our biggest success was in the OGAE Second Chance Contest 2004 where Tose Proeski finnished on the 6th position.